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Embodied Enneagram Training in Cape Town, in 2021

The Colour Of Your Personality


We have decided to pospone all planned coachings and workshops to 2021

The below information about contents is still valid, dates will be announced in due time

Dear Enengram Enthusiasts,

For my next visit to Cape Town we now have finalised the program and secured the venues. Scroll down to see if there is anything that you'd enjoy participating in. And feel free to forward this link  to your friends and colleagues. 

I am looking forward to seeing you again and can’t wait to meet some new faces too! 


Marcel Dürst

systemic Enneagram Coach

Winterthur, Switzerland

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram serves as an excellent tool to better understand one's own and other personalities. It is commonly used as an instrument for personal growth and development of people, teams and organisations. It has also been found increasingly useful in a professional context, be it in coaching, counselling, education or HR and personnel management.

The Enneagram is based on three centers in a triangle: Gut, Heart and Head, our instinctive center, our emotional center and our thinking center. Gut naturally secures presence and autonomy, Heart is equipped for relationships and attention and Head offers security and clarity.

These three centers are each expressed in three different ways, leading to the Ennegram's nine different Personality Numbers or "Types". But it is much more than just a typology, it is a deep  "mirror of our soul". Its dynamics reveal the inner beauty, resources and strengths, but brings at the same time the challenges and shadows of our personality to light and offers orientation for personal and spiritual growth. 


Richard Rohr writes in his weekly devotions:

"People who know the Enneagram in a superficial way think it’s about putting people into boxes, but it actually works to free people from their self-created boxes. While there are tests and quizzes that can help individuals identify their primary Enneagram type, finding our “number” is just the first step. We get to know our “number” so we can begin freeing ourselves from the passions, fixations, and fears to which our ego has become attached."


Group Workshops

  • Deepening your knowledge about this powerful self-development tool will enable you to understand how you and others tick, and - among other things - show you how to make good decisions, solve conflicts and empower others.

  • Determining your Enneagram Number (type) is not possible in a workshop. It can only be done in a personal coaching session.

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Day Worksop, 9am-4pm (Date to be announced)

Introduction to the Embodied Enneagram

Morning - Centers

This workshop will give you an overview of the Embodied Enneagram and its use. The focus will be on the three centers Gut, Heart and Head and we will try to discover which one could be your primary base. Looking at the resources and needs of our centers helps us understand more about our reaction patterns. We can't fully be in charge of our lives unless we manage those default reactions well. Becoming conscious of this will enable you to make better use of your potential and empower you to grow.

Afternoon - Numbers

We will go deeper in our understanding of the Embodied Enneagram and look at the nine Numbers (types). We will get to know the focus, strength, need, fear and defense mechanism of each number. Getting an understanding of how each of these nine personality types relates to the centers and to each other, helps us see the potential and dangers in relationships.

  • Location: St Luke’s Church, 7 Annandale Road, Diep River, Cape Town 7800    see map

  • Participants: a minimum of 9

  • If you forgot some of last year's workshops, this would be a great refresher.

  • Determining your Enneagram Number (type) is not possible in this workshop. It can only be done in a personal coaching session.

  • Hand-outs: No written documentation will be given, please come prepared to take your own notes 

  • Cost: R600 per person / R1000 per couple

Half-Day Workshop, 9-12am (Date to be announced)

Develop a Habit of Making Wise Decisions

Our Enneagram personality influences the way we behave and make decisions in all areas of our lives more than we know. This workshop offers an introduction to the Enneagram's Hexagon. It is a simple yet powerful tool for good decision making incorporating all aspects needed.


This tool is for you if you: 

...need guidance on how to attain the vocation and vision for your life 

...keep falling into the same trap and struggle staying on track to reach your goal

...want to find out what holds you back from growth

...want to get a grip on manging your evading behaviour pattern


This workshop will help you make wise decisions in life, ministry and business. Please bring your own projects, ideas and visions to experiment and practice with.

  • Location: Bay City Church,  92 Capricorn Blvd N, Vrygrond, Muizenberg, Cape Town    see map

  • Prerequisite:

    • Introduction workshop to the Embodied Enneagram or having a basic knowledge of the Enneagram and its Numbers

    • Knowing your Enneagram number is not necessary but may be helpful

  • Participants: a minimum of 9

  • Hand-outs: No written documentation will be given, please come prepared to take your own notes 

  • Cost: R300 per person / R500 per couple

Half-Day Workshop, 1-4pm (Day to be announced)

Positive Ways to Deal with Stress and Pressure including God and the Enneagramm

Constant pressure and stress in our lives and jobs can lead to a series of negative reactions that have a debilitating effect on ourselves and our relationships. We can feel trapped in a downward spiral that repeats itself and we are uncertain about how to step out of it. 

We will identify the negative behaviour patterns that are common for each Enneagram Number and experiment with them. What is my specific strategy, how do I get trapped and finally fall into my abyss of strong reactions? The Enneagram offers clarity about what actually happens in these situations.  By exercising trust in God and His Word it becomes a powerful tool for spiritual transformation. We begin freeing ourselves from the spiral of traps and fears to which our ego has become attached.


You will discover a  very practical and intriguing way of seeing spirituality and the Enneagram in action. Inputs, live-demos and experimenting with our own Number's behaviour patterns are part of this workshop.

  • Location: Bay City Church,  92 Capricorn Blvd N, Vrygrond, Muizenberg, Cape Town    see map

  • Prerequisites:

    • Introduction workshop to the Embodied Enneagram or having a good knowledge of the Enneagram

    • it is essential to know your own Enneagram Number for certain 

    • Open to Christian spirituality

  • Participants: a minimum of 9

  • Hand-outs: No written documentation will be given, please come prepared to take your own notes 

  • Cost: R300 per person / R500 per couple

Day Workshop, 9am-4pm (Date to be announced)

How to Determine an Enneagram Number

People are different and many factors have an influence in our lives, so determining an Enneagram Number (type) is a challenge. There are different ways of doing it but it always is a process that needs a lot of caution, prudence, mindfulness and sensitivity. 


Come and familiarise yourself with the Embodied Enneagram's approach to determine an Enneagram Number.  You will not learn an easy how-to guide, because individuals are far too complex and precious for that. But you will get a basic idea of what to look for in people, observing their presence, listening carefully to what and how they speak and trying to ask the right questions. This will lay a foundation to guide someone in their journey to determine their Enneagram Number. This training of mindfulness also helps generally in coaching and mentoring. 


Input, live demonstrations and practice with volunteers will make this an interesting learning experience.

  • Location: Church of the Holy Spirit, 38 Raapkraal Rd, Kirstenhof, Cape Town, 7945,     see map

  • Prerequisite:

    • Any workshop of the Embodied Enneagram (this or last year)

    • knowing your own and all the other Enneagram Numbers well

  • Participants: a minimum of 9

  • Hand-outs: No written documentation will be given, please come prepared to take your own notes 

  • Cost: R700 per person / R1100 per couple

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Personal Coachings

  • In a personal coaching we will be using the Enneagram as a tool to work through challenges in business, leadership, personal or family life, partnerships and decision making.

  • A personal coaching session can also be used to determine your Enneagram Number (Type).


  • R500 per person per coaching session

Please note

  • This year we only have four spaces, they go on a first-come-first-served basis:

    • Monday, May 25th, 9.00 am booked

    • Monday, May 25th, 11.00am booked

    • Monday, May 25th, 1.30pm booked

    • Monday, May 25th, 3.30pm booked

  • Payment must be made at the time of booking or the space will still stay available to others

free space

reserved for 24hrs




Cost and Payments

There is one price that applies to all participants. 

Please get in touch with us if finances are an issuespringarise@gmail.com

Summary of the Costs

  • ​Sat.16th,    9am-4pm  Introduction                       R600 per person /  R1000 per couple

  • Sat.23rd,   9-12am       Wise Decisions                  R300 per person /   R500 per couple

  • Sat.23rd,   1-4pm         Stress and Pressure        R300 per person /   R500 per couple

  • Sat.30th,  9am-4pm  Determining Numbers    R700 per person /  R1100 per couple

  • Personal Coachings                                                     R500 per person

Please Note

  • You secure your space with your payment

  • Payment can be made via EFT, PayPal or Credit Cord

Pay with PayPal or Credit Card

Important Notice re. PayPal:

  • Sadly PayPal does not offer the SA Rand as a currency. 

  • Please use this currency converter www.xe.com to work out what you need to pay in Swiss Francs (calculated on the rate of the day of payment)

  • "Donate" is Paypal's way for you to fill in the calculated amount in Swiss Francs yourself. 

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  • The fee PayPal deducts will be paid by the recipient.

  • If you have problems connecting, try a another browser or a different device or pay directly through your paypal account to sed@mail.ch.

Pay through EFT

using the following details:

  • Nedbank

  • Branch name: Noordhoek

  • Branch Code: 125009

  • Beneficiary: Rahel Duerst

  • Account number: 1136708405

  • Reference: "Ennea"  & your name

  • To secure your space send a POP to Rahel Dürst at springarise@gmail.com

  • At the time of writing we cannot tell to what extent the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 will affect South Africa also and may have an influence on our workshops and coachings. As a preventive measure, certain Terms and Conditions have been defined. Before registring, please read them here.

  • Also read carefully our normal General Terms and Conditions, data protection, refund policy and confidentiality statement before booking and paying for your space.

Coach and Trainer

Marcel Dürst

Born, raised and living in Switzerland, formal training as an architect, theological and intercultural training, development work and leadership roles both nationally and internationally. Training, living and working in the Switzerland, UK and in Latin America, leading Social Profit Organisations and developing people, now running his own coaching company together with a business partner. Happily married with Jeannette. Three adult children and three grandchildren.


  • Systemic Enneagram Coach ISE

  • xpand-certified Coach

  • MA in Intercultural Studies


Member of

  • Systemic Enneagram Network ISE

  • Enneagram Forum Switzerland

Strength Finder Themes

Strategy, Maximiser, Achiever, Positivity, Developer

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Contact and Enquiries

Marcel Dürst

Contact me in Switzerland


threema ID: BPRNCCPN

perspektif.ch (in German)

Rahel Dürst

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whatsapp or mobile
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